Best Dog Food for Joint Health in 2021: Complete Reviews With Comparisons

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Your dog’s health is important, especially when they have reached their senior years.

Improving it will always start with a few changes. Changing your dog’s diet is one of those key things that must be done.

If you want your dog to live a healthy lifestyle well beyond their senior years, you must give them the best dog food for joint health.

With dog food containing ingredients that focus on their joint health, they will eat to their heart's content while reducing the likelihood of joint inflammation and other issues later on in life.

Comparison Chart

Hill’s Science Diet Dry Dog Food

AvoDerm Natural Advanced Joint Health Dry Dog Food

Petlab Co. Joint Chews for Dogs

DOGSWELL Happy Hips Dry Dog Food

Royal Canin Large Aging 8+ Senior Dry Dog Food

Best Dog Food for Joint Health: Top Choices

1. Hill’s Science Diet Healthy Mobility Dry Dog Food

Hill’s Science is a USA-based company that is among the top names recommended by vets.

They have a team of food scientists, vets, nutritionists, and technicians that develop its products, including the Diet Healthy Mobility Dry Dog Food.

They also only source ingredients from facilities with high standards and strict regulations.

They also examine each ingredient for safety.


The Hill’s Science Diet Healthy Mobility Dry Dog Food is meant for large breeds, such as a Husky and a German Shepherd.

With an excellent mixture of chicken, barley, and brown rice, your dog will get a nice, tasty blend.

Key ingredient-wise, it contains EPA sourced from fish oil to promote strong and healthy bones and joints.

As such, if you are looking for one of the best dog food for joints and bones, this would be a perfect choice.

It also has naturally sourced chondroitin and glucosamine to help build healthy cartilage.

Lastly, its long list of minerals has been formulated in a perfect balance for stronger bones.


  • Better overall joint function
  • Tastes great
  • Perfect for large breeds
  • Senior dogs get more mobile in 30 days
  • Older dogs (Age 10+) will benefit greatly


  • May be too rich for some dogs
  • Can lead to weight gain
  • Kibbles may be a tad too large

2. AvoDerm Natural Advanced Joint Health Dry Dog Food

AvoDerm Natural is another USA-based company that source most of their ingredients in the USA and Canada.

They have been in the business for more than three decades, assuring that their products have been tried and tested,

If you’re looking for a dog food that is made mostly from natural ingredients, then AvoDerm might be right up your alley.

This dog food does more than just improve the joint health of your senior dogs; it might just help defy age altogether.


The AvoDerm Natural Advanced Joint Health Dry Dog Food has plenty of premium ingredients.

It has a nice blend of glucosamine and chondroitin that will be perfect for reducing inflammation and pain associated with arthritis and other joint issues.

It's also rich in vitamins A, C, E, B6, fiber, folate, niacin, potassium, and essential fatty acids sourced from avocados.

This combination of vitamins and minerals will help improve your dog's skin and coat health.

To ensure your furry friend stays happy and energetic, AvoDerm Natural Advanced Joint Health Dry Dog Food has a premium protein component.

Another great thing about this dog food is that it has been pressure cooked, so even if your dog has a sensitive stomach, they can easily digest it.

On top of that, the product has no fillers, wheat, soy, corn, animal by-products, preservatives, and artificial color, flavor, and preservatives.


  • Helps improve overall joint functions
  • Improves coat and skin
  • Great for dogs with sensitive skin and stomach issues
  • Plenty of glucosamine
  • All-natural


  • A tad bit expensive
  • Packaging quality could be better

3. Petlab Co. Joint Care Dog Chews

Petlab Co. is another USA-based company that sources ingredients locally and internationally.

Their Joint Care Dog Chews aren’t just for senior dogs, but also dogs of any age.

For a nice little every day treat with excellent health benefits, Petlab Co. does not disappoint with this chewable formula.


Sometimes, the best dog food for dogs with arthritis comes in the most chewable form.

The best dog joint supplement chews contain the usual ingredients like chondroitin, glucosamine, and turmeric.

These ingredients work together to reduce pain and inflammation, making it one of the best dog food for arthritis.

As such, you'll expect your dog to be active and mobile in their older years as if they’ve never aged at all.

The Petlab Co. Joint Care Dog Chews is also great for keeping their cartilages and bones healthy.

Whether your dog is in the early joint issue stages or hasn’t shown any signs at all, it’s good to stay ahead of the curve with the help of this dog food.

Each bottle contains 30 chewable pieces that can last from 15 to 60 days, depending on your dog's weight or size.


  • Increases mobility in senior dogs
  • Excellent taste
  • Very chewy and easy to swallow
  • Effective against arthritis and dysplasia
  • Great for all breeds
  • Vet-recommended


  • Results may be slow to appear
  • May be expensive for some
  • May harden over time
  • Just a treat

4. DOGSWELL Happy Hips Vitality Dog Food

Natural ingredients are always a plus when it comes to dog food, so we're including another one on our list.

The DOGSWELL Happy Hips Vitality Dog Food has plenty of health benefits.

For great dog food for almost any age, this could be worth considering.


The DOGSWELL Happy Hips Vitality Dog Food isn't the kind of dog food just for senior dogs; dogs of all ages will definitely enjoy this.

As another best dog food for joints and bones with natural ingredients, this has a nice blend of carbohydrates sourced from barley, oats, brown rice, and peas.

Dogs will need the energy to get through the day to do their usual doggie things, and carbs can help them do that.

For healthier joints and hips, it has a good blend of chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine.

Your dog will also get enough amino acid and protein, thanks to one of its main ingredients, chicken.

This ensures your dog's muscles develop and tone significantly.

You also don't have to worry about your dog's immune system and digestive health.

The product is rich in antioxidants and fiber coming from vegetables and fruits, including apples, carrots, sweet potatoes, and blueberries.

Lastly, DOGSWELL Happy Hips Vitality Dog Food has no added artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives, as well as wheat, sugar, animal by-products, soy, and corn.


  • Excellent taste
  • Great for most breeds
  • All-natural ingredients
  • Perfect for dogs of all ages
  • Great for even the pickiest of eaters


  • Packaging quality is terrible
  • Kind of pricey
  • May leave a not-so-pleasant odor

5. Royal Canin Dry Dog Food

Most senior dog foods may have one health benefit or two and leave out other age-related conditions.

The Royal Canin Dry Dog Food isn't one of those, though.

Made by a company that has been focusing on providing dog and cat nutrition for more than five decades, it could just be what your older dog needs to stay healthy and spry.


The kibble sizes of the Royal Canin Dry Dog Food are large but manageable. Thus, they won't hurt or strain your dog’s jaws and teeth.

What's better is that it is rehydratable, which means you can add warm water to make it easier for your aging dog to chew.

On top of that, this dog food has key ingredients such as brewers rice, brown rice, chicken by-product meal, corn gluten meal, wheat, and pea fiber, for joint and bone support and overall better digestion.

You may want to give this a try if your dog is dealing with some recurring stomach issues, although you should consult with your veterinarian first before going forward.

The blend of ingredients also makes it one of the best dog food for dogs with arthritis.

Most especially larger breeds since they're more likely to develop mobility issues as they get older.

Royal Canin Dry Dog Food also boasts an exclusive list of antioxidant ingredients that help improve cellular health, reducing signs of dog aging.

When you give this food to your dog, though, make sure you follow the provided feeding guide.

That's because the amount of food you give daily will depend on your dog's weight and activity level.


  • Helps improve mobility
  • Perfect for large breeds
  • Improves brain function and coat
  • Surprisingly good for picky eaters
  • Easy on the stomach


  • Questionable flavor
  • Bag may easily rip or fall apart
  • May lead to weight gain

Frequently Asked Questions

What Food Is Good for Dog Bones and Joints?

Finding the best dog food for joint health and bone health is essential. You want your dog to stay mobile and active for as long as possible.

Luckily, there are several ingredients to look for in the best dog food for joints and bones.

Experts highly recommend that you choose products that contain chondroitin, MSM, and glucosamine.

You may also find other natural ingredients that will work to your dog’s advantage in terms of improving their bone and joint health. 

Other ingredients like omega-3 fatty acids will help lubricate joints, while turmeric is a proven ingredient linked to reducing inflammation.

How Can I Improve My Dogs Joint Health?

Improving your dog’s joint health is essential, especially when they're older.

That said, the earlier you start, the better off they’ll be in their older years.

Besides a healthy diet with the right kind of dog food, keeping them active will be key.

That’s why you should consider taking them on regular walks and engage in healthy physical activity.

Also, giving them a supplement regularly can help slow down any age-related issues in dogs as they get older.

If they already have some joint issues, supplements and a well-balanced diet will be a good place to start.

Also, use pet-friendly ramps to help lessen the pain that may come with climbing the stairs.

What Is Good for My Dogs Joints?

As mentioned, any supplements or food containing MSM, chondroitin, and omega-3 fatty acids will be great.

Your dog’s joints will need proper lubrication in order to move around freely, and these ingredients will provide that.

Aside from these ingredients, an active lifestyle will work.

Keep in mind, cold weather can cause additional issues with your dogs arthritis.

If your dog is already dealing with some issues, take it slow and steady and increase your dog’s activity over time if and when they feel a bit more comfortable doing so.

How Can I Relieve My Dogs Joint Pain?

NSAIDs may be a good solution. However, whatever works for humans may not be suitable for dogs due to safety reasons.

We can't emphasize enough that a good joint supplement will work well for dogs.

Regular massages will also likely play a role in making sure that your dog gets through the day with as little pain and inflammation as possible. 

What Is a Natural Anti Inflammatory for Dogs?

One of the best natural anti-inflammatory ingredients for dogs we have seen is turmeric.

It's a spice found in most food and teas for humans that has been used to help manage several conditions such as headaches.

With its positive effects, it’s now included in most dog foods and supplements aimed at joint health.

Experts suggest that a daily spoonful of turmeric is perfect for large breed dogs.

For small to medium breeds, a quarter spoonful might be just enough to reduce inflammation in your dog’s joints.

Glucosamine is another anti-inflammatory ingredients that work for both humans and dogs.

The best dog food for arthritis will always have glucosamine as one of the included ingredients.

Our Final Recommendations

If we had to choose a dog food that would be the best for joints and bones, we highly recommend the AvoDerm Natural Advanced Joint Health Dry Dog Food.

While it may be a bit pricey, the value is worth every penny, considering the number of benefits your dog will get.

If you are looking for a more budget-friendly option, the DOGSWELL Happy Hips Vitality Dog Food would be an excellent alternative.

On top of its affordability, it’s a great product for most ages, from young adults to seniors.

Just remember that dog food won't be enough to improve or maintain your dog's health; let them exercise and give them supplements too.